Mulch & Edging

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Color Rubber Mulch

Plastic Colored Mulch and plastic edging around play set• Exceptional shock absorbency and Reduces risk of playground injuries

• Minimal Maintenance

• Dries quickly after rain and does not freeze

• Will not decompose

• Non-Staining, Will not fade, and Non-toxic

• 99.9% Steel Free

1 ton rubber mulch will cover 250 sq ft (3" deep).


plastic mulch color options
Rubber Mulch Colors:  Blue, Brown, Green, or Black



Plastic Edging & Weed Guard

plastic edging for plastic mulch for around play sets and swing sets

Plastic Edging:
Keep your play area neat and tidy with our plastic interlocking borders, which come in 4' sections.

Weed Guard:
Keep the weeds where they belong, outside of your play area, with our landscaping screen. Our screen comes in wide rolls and can be cut to the desired length for your play set.





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